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Objective of Forgetting for Bihar 12th 50Marks English Prose

Objective of Forgetting for Bihar 12th 50Marks English Prose

Bihar Board 12th 50Marks English Prose Section:-

Chapter Name: - Forgetting

Chapter Number: - Fifth

Writer: - Robert Lynd

Dear students of Bihar board of 12th class here you will get the objective of ‘Forgetting” is written by Robert Lynd. Please study this objectives carefully and a lots of marks in Bihar Board final Intermediate examination.

12th 50Marks English forgetting objective questions for 2020 Bihar Board final intermediate examination.

Forgetting chapter explanation, Forgetting Hindi

1. The essay Forgetting is written by the famous English essayist –
Ans: - Robert Lynd

2. The commonest from of forgetfulness among common people is –
आम लोगों में भूलने की बीमारी सबसे आम है -
Ans: - To post a letter

3. Who are considered to be most absent-minded as Robert Lynd in his essay ‘Forgetting’?
अपने निबंध 'फॉरगेटिंग' में रॉबर्ट लिंड के रूप में कौन सबसे अनुपस्थित माना जाता है?
Ans: - Poets

Forgetting question answer, on forgetting by Robert Lynd summary

4. London station had published –
लंदन स्टेशन प्रकाशित हुआ था -
Ans: - A list of lost articles

5. What compels the writer’s wonder regarding human memory?
मानव स्मृति के बारे में लेखक का आश्चर्य क्या है?
Ans: - Its efficiency

6. Who remembers almost everything that he is expected to remember in the chapter ‘Forgetting’?
अध्याय 'भूल' में याद रखने की उम्मीद है कि लगभग हर चीज को कौन याद रखता है?
Ans: - Modern Man

Forgetting prose summary in Hindi, Forgetting by Robert Lynd summary and analysis

7. What do certain psychologists tell about persons who forget things?
कुछ मनोवैज्ञानिक ऐसे व्यक्तियों के बारे में क्या बताते हैं जो चीजों को भूल जाते हैं?
Ans: - They wish to forget them

8. In trains and taxis, the author is sure to forget –
ट्रेनों और टैक्सियों में, लेखक को भूलना निश्चित है -
Ans: - Walking sticks

9. As per the list of articles lost in trains suggest they are more likely to forget things –
ट्रेनों में खोए गए लेखों की सूची के अनुसार, वे चीजों को भूलने की अधिक संभावना रखते हैं -
Ans: - Young ones

10. Who are the citizens of dreamland and sure to forget their things in trains?
Dreamland के नागरिक कौन हैं और ट्रेनों में अपनी चीजों को भूलना सुनिश्चित करते हैं?
Ans: - Sportsman

Thanks for coming on the ‘Forgetting’ objective questions and answers post which is for 2020 Bihar Board final intermediate examination of 12th 50Marks English.

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