VVI Objectives

2019 12th English Model Paper Bihar Board 100%

2019 12th English Model Paper 100%

English (100 marks) (XII) Model Set: one hundred Time: three Hours fifteen minutes] [Full marks: one00A Write cluster variety and question number with each answer Answer all queries cluster - A 1. remodel the subsequent sentences as directed while not ever-changing the meaning: three (a) I’m too busy to travel out. (Remove 'too') (b) The deaf cannot hear. (Into Interrogative) (c) I’m not a bit tired. (Into Affirmative)

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2. Fill within the blanks with appropriate modal auxiliary verbs: three (a)............. I take advantage of your phone? (b) You ............... do your duty. (c) I ............. head to Old Delhi tomorrow.
3. Mix the subsequent sentences into one complicated sentence: three (a) the sun rises within the east. It’s a reality. (b) He visited Patna. He saw the Golghar. (c) Exerting. You may pass.

4. Amendment the subsequent sentences into indirect speech: three (a) Sonu same to Pine Tree State, "What is your name?" (B) blue blood same to Pine Tree State, "Honesty is that the best policy." (c) She same to Pine Tree State, "Please, offer Pine Tree State your pen."

5. Write Associate in nursing essay in regarding ten0-150 words on any of the subsequent: 10 (a) The leader you prefer most (b) competition (c) Discipline (d) edges of Yoga (e) Pollution

6. Amendment the subsequent sentences into passive voice: three (a) my mother cooks food. (b) WHO tutored you English? (c) Open the door.

7. Opt for the proper tense kinds of the verbs given in brackets and fill within the blanks with them: three (a) we tend to............. (Learn) English for 10 years. (b) He.............. (Buy) a book a month past. (c) Sonu............. (Come) here on a daily basis.

8. Use the subsequent idioms and phrases in sentences of your own thus on bring out their which means clearly: three (a) At any price (b) because of (c) Fall in

9. Translate the subsequent sentences into English: five (a) b Zekunkjh lcl s vPNh uhfr g S A (b) e sjh ijhmil s lHkh yk sx tkur s g S a A (d) fcgkj d s yk sx r st ,o a e sgurh g S a A (e) e q> s fcgkjh gk su s dk xo Z g S A
10. Create a precis of the subsequent passage and recommend an acceptable title: seven cash will be paid back however time will ne'er be regained. Time is that the most worthy factor within the world. Time that's lost is lost forever. Something will wait however time doesn't stay up for anyone. So, we tend to should attempt to create the most effective use of your time. If we tend to utilize time in a very correct approach, we are able to get success all told walks of life. A student WHO uses his time well fares well at the examination. Time is a lot of necessary than cash. If the train runs late, thousands of passengers waste their time. If time is wasted, all the plans and comes get delayed and therefore the nation has got to suffer. We tend to once hear the "Have you found the horse?” the king asked. "Yes, my Lord," the minister replied. "But I’ll show him to you merely auspicious day. The king united. "Let Pine Tree State understand the following auspicious day." The minister replied, "I can show you the horse on any day, apart from Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday." The king burst out rant. He was smartly outsmarted by his minister. The minister was free and promoted to the following higher position. Browse the story and answer the queries below: (a) what was the condition between the king and therefore the minister? (b) Why did the king order his guards to place his minister in prison? (c) What was the auspicious day replied by the minister? (d) What happened to the minister at last?

Group - B
12. Match the poets given in List - A with acceptable titles from List - B : five List - a listing - B (a) poet (I) Song of Myself (b) Walt Whitman (II) Fire-Hymn (c) K.N. Daruwala (III) currently the Leaves Are Falling quick (d) W.H. poet (IV) The Soldier (e) D.H. Lawrence (V) Snake

13. Name the poets WHO wrote the subsequent lines : five (a) I celebrate myself and sing myself And what I assume you shall assume, for each action happiness to Pine Tree State nearly as good belongs to you (b) Seasons of mists and mellow fruitfulness, shut bosom-friend of the maturing sun : Conspiring with him the way to load and bless with fruit the vines that around the thatch-caves run: (c) His brow is deeply lined with thoughts, his head is extremely deemed; His coat is unclean from neglect, his whiskers are uncalmable. (d) Was it cowardliness, that I dared not kill him? Was it perversity that I longed to speak to him? Was it humility, to feel thus honored? I felt so honored. (e) Among books I used to be then too young to browse, and, my blood turned cold just like the moon.

14. Write the outline of anybody of the subsequent poems: five (a) The Soldier (b) lyric poem to season (c) Associate in Nursing Epitaph (d) Fire-Hymn cluster - C

15. Name the authors of the subsequent prose pieces: three (a) Indian Civilization and Culture (b) the planet (c) I’ve got a Dream

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