VVI Objectives

The Introduction of Are English Centre

You are politely welcomed on this website of all respected readers. This is an educational website and tutorials centre. This tuition centre provides excellent education of English for Bihar Board's 10+2 students. It is the near of Remy Chowk at Gyandeep Public School in TriveniganjSupaul district Bihar.

On this website, there are a lot of articles and articles related to the English subject of Bihar Board.
There are many things available for the English subject of Bihar Board on this website as
1. Summary of all chapters.
2. Important Dictionary of All Lessons.
3. With answer of all short questions and long questions.
4. With the answer of the newest objective questions.
5. Potential questions to be asked in the final examination of Bihar Board.
6. The latest syllabus of the 10th and the Intermediate English theme of the Bihar Board.

In addition to simplifying the English language on this website, Basic English Grammar, Junior English Grammar, and all the Materials of Advanced English Grammar are available.That part of Grammar has been mentioned in the latest and simplest way on translation and composition.

So in the end we hope that you have come to a good website and you will find all types of English materials here.

If you want to contact to ask anything, click on the 'contact us' page.


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